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rotated text in web viewer on Win XP

Question asked by howardf on Feb 12, 2012

Dear List


I want to watermark some pdfs using filemaker using a name at an angle of 52 degrees. I can do this on the Mac (using pdftk - great package) and calling some html which contains some CSS that rotates the text to any degree. I print this to a pdf then use pdftk (using applescript) to watermark a target pdf.

As I said, on the Mac this works perfectly.

However, on Win XP the CSS won't rotate the text in either FireFox or the web viewer, and it's driving me to distraction. I don't know very much about CSS but it seems to be a failure somewhere on the Win XP side: can anyone give me a hand with this please??


Could I ask anyone with any ideas to email me at, as well as to the list.


Many thanks,



Leicester, UK