How to create a find or script to find unique text in two different fields in multiple records, total the number of those unique records, then put that number into a separate field?

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I have about 450 students in separate records, each with a school registration date. I am entering a date range into the "registration date" field and conducting a find to find out how many total students registered between the specific dates. The date range changes often that I am searching.


Let's say I due a find of "7/1/2010..4/1/2011" and get 300 records. I then want the find or script to look for what house in the school the student is in, which could be 1 of 5 different houses "house", and I want the find or script to look to see if the student is a male ("M") or female ("F").


Based on the search by date range, house, and sex, I want the total number of students, in each house by sex, to appear in another field, like "house1F" or "house1M".


So if I get it right and I conduct a find of "7/1/2010..4/1/2011" and get 300 records, lets say the number 54 would show up in the "house1F" field, 43 in the "house1M" field, 33 in the "house2F" field, and so on.


I hope I am making sense.


Thank you very much for your help!!



Adam Sadow