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Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Feb 11, 2012
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This evening I was at the local Barnes & Nobel Book store and as I frequently do, spent some time looking through the Computer book section. I was surprised and concerned to see that threre were no FileMaker books on the shelf. There had to be at least 10 books on Microsoft Access, several books on SQL, MySQL, PHP + MySQL and Oracle.


Is FileMaker becoming a small enough part of the market, that books stores no longer carry any of the available titles? I know there are only a few Version 11 specific titles available, but even these were not on the shelf tonight.


I first started working with FileMaker in 2007. I ended up looking at project started by someone else using FileMaker. At the start it was version 8.5 and ended with 9. Since I was new to FileMaker I went to the book store and started going through the collection of books. There must have been at least a dozen titles available. If I had to start with FileMaker today, I would not have this kind of resource. The lists are a great resource, but being able to spend a few hours going through a number of books and starting to get an understanding of the relationship graph, scripting and the developer interface made getting started on the project much easier.


I know there is no predicting when the next version of FileMaker will be released. It is my hope that when it comes out, it will make a big enough splash that we end up with a number of new FileMaker books and enough popularity of the product that Book stores will once again start to carry of books on the subject.