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    FileMaker books


      This evening I was at the local Barnes & Nobel Book store and as I frequently do, spent some time looking through the Computer book section. I was surprised and concerned to see that threre were no FileMaker books on the shelf. There had to be at least 10 books on Microsoft Access, several books on SQL, MySQL, PHP + MySQL and Oracle.


      Is FileMaker becoming a small enough part of the market, that books stores no longer carry any of the available titles? I know there are only a few Version 11 specific titles available, but even these were not on the shelf tonight.


      I first started working with FileMaker in 2007. I ended up looking at project started by someone else using FileMaker. At the start it was version 8.5 and ended with 9. Since I was new to FileMaker I went to the book store and started going through the collection of books. There must have been at least a dozen titles available. If I had to start with FileMaker today, I would not have this kind of resource. The lists are a great resource, but being able to spend a few hours going through a number of books and starting to get an understanding of the relationship graph, scripting and the developer interface made getting started on the project much easier.


      I know there is no predicting when the next version of FileMaker will be released. It is my hope that when it comes out, it will make a big enough splash that we end up with a number of new FileMaker books and enough popularity of the product that Book stores will once again start to carry of books on the subject.



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          Maybe FileMaker is so popular that all the books were sold out.

          Does anyone buy books in a brick and mortor store anymore? (Tongue in cheek.)


          Seriously, here are links to a few great FileMaker training books...



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            I've been known to request books at my public library and get them.


            They WANT to know what you'd like to read!


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              I agree with Tim.  Our local bookstores have copies of each of the FM books.  Although they sell out on a regular basis.


              You can also do the same thing Bev does with library...and also at the book stores.  Let them know what they are missing.  And they may add it.  I've also found that sometimes FileMaker books get stocked in a different place than the rest of the database books, for whatever reason.

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                One could also make an argument that since Filemaker is more intuitive than those other applications / languages, full length books are less necessary, especially for the part-time developer.  This is a good problem for Filemaker Inc to have.

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                  In addition to all previous comments, I think FileMaker also has a really good and searchable presence online through forums, blogs, websites, etc. When I was going for my certifications I used the FM training series book, but pretty much all other info that I've picked up has been online or thorugh my co-workers.


                  When I get stuck on a problem it's much easier to say 'hey google, how do I.....' than pull what I think may be the right book off a shelf, look through it's table of contents or index for the right section of the book, thumb to the section, scan the page for the possible solution, and then hope it's still relevent.

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                    I guess my timing for geting into FileMaker was lucky,  At the time there were two large book stores/chains,  with big stores, very large computer book sections that stocked a very wide range of titles and a coffee shop where I could sit and look through a pile of books before buying.  Now there is only one store/chain, it is located in a mall, has a much less space and as a result a smaller computer book section.  So I suspect they have to be more selective in the number of titles on the shelf.  It still has the coffee shop, but the pile of books is much smaller. 


                    The key issue may be that there are few new titles out and that book stores may not want to stock older titles or some of the more expensive titles.  Itake a look at Amazon and did see a couple of  new titles I didn't know about. One of them looked interesting,  but cost $320.  Not one I would want to buy without looking through it first.


                    I like the susggestion about the library and spoke to my local library about this.   Their response was that computers and software change to frequently so they stopped buying Computer books.  It was to expensive/difficult keeping the books up to date. 


                    Thanks very much for the all of your suggestions.