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    Autoresizing of more complex layout designs.


      Attached is a screenshot and demo file of a typical layout design that I use. I have been playing around with autoresizing and cant get it to behave the way I want.


      In the example below, I would like to:

      1. Have the TOOL INFORMATION section grow horizontal with only the Description field stretching. (this I can do)

      2. Have the RESHARPENING HISTORY and MATERIALS TO CUT portals stretch both horizontally and vertically equally. The sections title bars should stay the same height and stretch horizontally, but the ADD buttons should stay the same width and stay attached to right side of their portal sections (compartments).

      3. The PICTURE section should stretch proportionally with the other 2 portal sections, while maintaining the integrity of the it's section header and button.

      4. GENERAL COMMENTS stretches proportionally in both directions.

      5. The buttons on the bottom stay attached to their relative sides. (this I can do)


      Can all this be done?






      Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 7.53.04 AM.png

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          FileMaker autoresizing is a godsend, but it can't do some of what you're asking. The limitation is that resizing objects aren't aware of each other, only the boundaries of the window, so it's possible for objects to resize and collide with each other. To avoid this, I design layouts with resizing objects with a vertical/horizontal line rule:


          Imagine a vertical line anywhere on the layout. Only one object touching that line can stretch vertically. Everything else has to be anchored above that one object or below it (excepting any object that contains the stretching object, like a tab control, which should also stretch). The same rule applies analogously for horizontal stretching.


          For example, in your header, you only want the description field to expand, and the other fields on the same horizontal line to anchor to one side or the other — that works. For another, your two portals line-up vertically, so only one of them can stretch vertically.

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            That's what I was thinking. I tried grouping objects and acting on the group, but that obviously applied the resizing to the entire group. My standard layout design, is to sacrifice the learning curve for ease of data availability. Basically, cram all of the data in one window. Doing this requires a lot of compartmentalization, which doesn't lend itself to resizing.

            It wouldn't be easy, for FileMaker, to add all of the functionality that would be required for what I want to do without making the interface so complex no one could figure it out.



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              KylePutzier wrote:

              ...Can all this be done?


              Hi Kyle,


              There is no provision for proportional horizontal resizing, and only limited options to produce proportional vertical resizing using object anchors.


              The way anchors work, you should ideally identify one set of objects to resize horizontally in each vertical area of the layout, and one area to resize vertically in each horizontal area.


              In your example, there's no problem having the Tool Information and General Comments panels resize horizontally (because they're the only items in their respective vertical segments of the layout). However in the area in between, you have two panels - one with portals and one for the picture, and as the feature set is designed, you can have one or the other set to resize, but not both.


              Similarly, in the vertical dimension, within a given layout part you can have the portal and picture boxes set to resize vertically or the General Comments set to resize vertically, but not both. In this case, a possible work-around would be to put the General Comments into a separate layout part (eg a trailing grand summary), in which case, you may be able to get a semblance of proportional svertical resizing - but you'll need to check carefully whether this will present any other problems for the intended uses of the layout.


              Sorry the news is not better.





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