Autoresizing of more complex layout designs.

Discussion created by KylePutzier on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by RayCologon

Attached is a screenshot and demo file of a typical layout design that I use. I have been playing around with autoresizing and cant get it to behave the way I want.


In the example below, I would like to:

1. Have the TOOL INFORMATION section grow horizontal with only the Description field stretching. (this I can do)

2. Have the RESHARPENING HISTORY and MATERIALS TO CUT portals stretch both horizontally and vertically equally. The sections title bars should stay the same height and stretch horizontally, but the ADD buttons should stay the same width and stay attached to right side of their portal sections (compartments).

3. The PICTURE section should stretch proportionally with the other 2 portal sections, while maintaining the integrity of the it's section header and button.

4. GENERAL COMMENTS stretches proportionally in both directions.

5. The buttons on the bottom stay attached to their relative sides. (this I can do)


Can all this be done?






Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 7.53.04 AM.png