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Converting stored Word docs to PDF

Question asked by dickiedyce on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by dickiedyce

Here's an odd one for you. I have a document management system for building proposals. Proposals consist of filemaker data (quotes), word documents, merged documents (printed FileMaker layouts), and imported pdfs. The aim is to be able to produce a single stipped together PDF at the end for emailing. I have everything working ... except conversion of stored Word docs to PDF. It's an XP/Win7 environment and I need to be able to convert the stored Word Docs (and possibly Excel docs?) into PDFs via a script. The documents do need to be stored in Word - it's a client requirement that they can be edited as such (and I'm already handling the versioning in FMPRo.)


What is the simplest way of doing this in Windows from FileMaker? Ideally some sort of system call, without the need to install non-oss third party apps. Any ideas?