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Getting Sync between a calendar and different tables

Question asked by dunumba on Feb 13, 2012
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Hello, I'm making a DataBase composed by five sections:

  • Calendar: where are written the common events. I can see them for days, weeks, months... In this calendar,
  • But there are other four tables: sports, languages, music and theatre.



What I want is that when I write a new activity in these sections, with specific dates, it appears in the common calendar. And if possible, that the data be updated constantly.



I've tried two ways of making it, but I'm not too satisfied:

  • (A) When I create a new activity record, I can copy the data and paste in new event on the calendar through a script.
  • (B) When I create a new activity record, I can create a new event record and pass the data through a script which sets up the selected fields.



Two problems are remaining in both possibilities

  • (1) The calendar fields are unique; for example, the field "Name of Activity" is common to every event, independently their original table. Of course, I can't update a field depending four sources.
  • (2) How to update the changed data in the calendar. I'd like to sync every table with the calendar in both directions, but it looks me rather impossible.



I'll be very thankful for any help.


Dunumba / Damián