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Visualization of Related Data

Question asked by pashtech on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by pashtech

I am at a small independent school that uses FM for much of its day-to-day. Because of the faculty's familiarity with the interface, we are trying to use FM for curriculum mapping. Here's what it looks like:




So most of the time, teachers are inputting or viewing Unit records, with related Activities, Questions, Skills, etc.


My issue is that we'd like very much to be able to visualize some of these data. For instance, when looking at all Math units, a pie chart showing the spread of Assessments (% doing Multiple choice, % doing projects).


So far, it seems like FM's built-in charts don't like to play very well with related records. When I attempt to create a pie chart for a single Unit's Assessment's, I am at a loss for how to make a reasonable set of labels. If I just choose the related records, if there are two "Essay" entries, it will count both of them, giving each an equal share of the pie.


I can go into more detail if need be, but I'm hoping I have missed something simple that's evident at this point. Thanks in advance.