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    Apple Address Book Plug In


      We just wanted to let you know that we released a plug-in which enables you to copy contact details (all details or only a selection) from the Apple Address Book to a Filemaker database or vice versa.

      You can either copy/update individual contacts or all contacts in one go from the Address Book to a Filemaker Database (or the other way round).

      We have also included a ‘people-picker’ to select contacts from the Address Book right within your Filemaker solution. This looks great for the end user, works very user friendly, and gives you the option to make a Filemaker solution without a Contacts database, because the connection works both ways.

      Included in the download is a Filemaker file with a range of examples to get you started, plus a very detailed manual of how the address book works, and how you can get the max out of this plug in.


      Please visit www.froodware.com for more info






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          Very slick! Well done!

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            Froodware announces an update of their Address Book Plug-in.


            New features and improvements include:

            Fully Filemaker 12 compatible including the new auto install function in Filemaker 12. (example included)

            New function that enables you to transfer complete addresses with phones, email addresses etc. to the Address Book in one single script step, a new function that gets the last modified address book timestamp for syncing between the address book and your Filemaker solution, new delete function and multi-lingual people picker. (French, German, Dutch, English)

            A new Filemaker example (in beta) that shows how to sync with the address book in a multi user environment.

            There are also some dramatic speeds improvements, new examples have been included and some bugs were fixed.

            More info: www.froodware.com