Undesired Behavior in FM Go Screen Display Issues On The iPhone

Discussion created by Tom_Droz on Feb 14, 2012
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I have been working on making a FM Go solution that would look and behave as expected on the iPhone


Here is a couple issues I am struggling with


1) I have a report with a header that I have optimized for a screen width of 317 px. 2 things still occur that should not:

a) if you move form left to right the data moves, when it should stay stationary

b) If you pull down, the body data separates from the header


2) I have a layout with a web viewer (optimized for the 320 px layout, but the web viewer displays much wider so there is a need to scroll from left to right. If I go to that web page on my iPhone the page resizes itself to fit perfectly on the iPhone (It does this without a redirect to a mobile site). I have tried many different anchors and no anchors but there is no change to the display.


3) Is there a way to trigger the quick search via a script step?


Any FM Go users have the same issues and have you found a solution?


Thanks for any direction on this!