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Very odd problem with sending mail

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day. We're having an extremely weird problem with sending mail via client from FileMaker through Lotus Notes. I have one particular machine (Windows XP) that is accepting the mail, populating the email body and subject line, but failing to populate the To: and cc: fields.


Every other client running this solution works fine. Sending mail from Internet Exploder or Word on this machine seems to work fine. Reinstalls of FileMaker or IE (as suggested by Notes support) have no effect.


The To: field comes from a related table, and does show up on the layout (i.e., the user has access to the data). The cc: field comes from a literal text string. This used to work for this user before she got a new computer; then it started flaking out.




FileMaker 11

Windows XP

Lotus Notes 8.5


Any ideas?