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    Display problems on File maker go on Ipad


      Hi Guys...


      I'm quite new to this world of data base solutions and probably I'm making quite a few mistakes but is part of the learning curve. At the moment I have problems displaying on the Ipad a form on which the users can add some data.


      When the layout is displayed on the ipad it looks like if some of the fields where overlaping each other. Therefore, the information is not easy tro read.


      I've change font sizes and formats, arrange the the elemets on the layout so they don't overlap but they stil keep displaying on top of each other on the ipad.


      Thank you



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          Perhaps I write obvious things...

          But I try

          In this site there is a lot of resources that explain how to best fit informations in a layout for FMGo


          For example:

          FileMaker Go Development Guide




          Then try to search on this forum suggestione that has already explained to someone else...


          Eventually you can try to make some screenshot from you ipad (home button+power button until the screen flashes) and submit to this thread.

          Some suggestions will surely come

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            Does the same thing happen when you're making the window smaller on a desktop computer?


            This could be an indication that you've enabled FileMaker's auto re-size function for certain layout objects. It's a technology that allows your layouts (and the objects on it) to adjust to various screen sizes. On other words, when you enlarge a window, you won't end up with dead space, but the fields will strech in vertical and/or horizontal direction.


            However, there's no "object awareness", meaning neighboring objects won't respect each other boundaries. This is why it's advisable to let only one group of objects grow or shrink in horizontal or vertical direction - otherwise they can overlap, such as described above.





            PS: the general opinion among developers is, that you should always design your layouts for the smallest screen - specially when using auto-resize.

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              It does not happen the same when I’m making the window smaller on the desktop computer, it only happens when the layout is view on the Ipad.


              On the other hand, thank you very much, your link and suggestions about re-size functions was right. In fact now all the objects in my layout keep the same proportions and places on the Ipad screen when its view horizontally and vertically. For now on I will keep in mind your advice about designing the layout for the smallest screen.




              Your answer could be considered obvious for must-experienced developers but as I said on my post I'm quite new to the platform. Therefore, my knowledge is not much. Thank you for your links and suggestions I'll have a thorough read and improve my skills.

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                No worries, we were asking the same questions not all that long ago. :-)