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      GreetingsAll >


      Does anybody know how to ensure a font type such as san-serif is used across multiple Mac machines or

      How are font types set within FM?

      Checking Preferences>Fonts, 'SpecifyFont' is Helvetica, 'Synchronize input...' is selected, 'Use Font Locking' is deselected, on all machines but buttons and layout text objects continue to display serif from machine to machine???






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          Stephen Huston

          FileMaker 11 does not specifically recognize Sans-serif as a font class; it uses specific fonts from the local system on which a layout is developed.


          Font attributes assigned at the layout level will control the display regardless of font-locking settings, except in cases where the data within a field has itslef had font formatting applied at the individual record level. This can happen if formatted text was copied elsewhere and pasted into a field, or font formatting was applied to selected text in a field using the Formatting menus of keyboard shortcuts.


          Check the various levels of formating rather than expecting font-locking to resolve font display issues.


          When choosing display fonts at the layout level, be sure to pick fonts which will aways be available on all client machines (i.e. Verdana, Times New Roman, etc.). The use of custom fonts which are installed on a specific machine will force FileMaker to substitute who-knows-what-font (or fail to render the text at all) if the layout is used on a computer which lacks that installed font, or worse yet, has another font installed with a matching Font ID.


          I have seen different versions of the same (?) font-name cause problems with rendering even on Macs where fonts were modified by OS upgrades from 10.4 > 10.5 > 10.6 when custom fonts of the same names/IDs had been installed previously.


          Again -- check the various levels of text formating rather than expecting font-locking to resolve font display issues.

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            Stephen >


            Thanks for the reply! Interesting and will checkout things out more carefully... thing is, I have used Arial or Helvetica exclusively over the years and never used a serif font for things like buttons, on-layout titling and UI elements, and I do mean Never... field level font usage is consistant and behaves as expected, hmmm, hmmmm.....


            Tx anyhow...