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Odd Behavior of "Show All Records"

Question asked by user10625 on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by DavidJondreau

Hello all,


FMP 11, same behavior on Mac and Windows.


Table with around 160,000 records.


Normally, one can use the following to isolate the "current record that the user is sitting on":


Show All Records

Omit Record

Show Omitted


And this seems to always work fine.


However, we have noticed that there is one particular record which, when I do "Show all Records", the user is taken back to the first record in the table, instead of staying on the record the user was on. Other records do not behave this way, only this one particular record.


No, the record is not, in fact, the first record. And no, there are no script triggers on the layout or otherwise. And there's no record-level security or anything of that sort.


Finding the record (by it's primary key, or first-last name) works fine. There is no outward hint of corruption (weird ?? marks, etc.) yet, it's starting to feel like it.


Can anyone think of any other things I'm not thinking of to look into? Or has anyone seen this before?



Thanks for any responses,


Christopher Bailey


Certified FMP 7

Certified FMP 10

Certified FMP 11