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Filtering Portal in Filemaker 10

Question asked by dcwells on Feb 15, 2012
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I am working on creating a database to help create streaming media project. In the database, the user will upload a text file into a project with slide titles and times marking slide changes. Within the project, seperate presentations can be created. For example, the project may include 50 slides and last one hour. But, a presentation may only include 10 of those slides and last for 10 minutes. So, presentation two may start at 5:00 minutes and have slides 10 through 15. I am trying to make it so you can select the presentation from the project and go to a seperate form that displays just the slides for that presentation. I have all this working by having different relationships in the database and displayed on a form that has the presentation information and a portal with the slide information limited by the start and end time of the presentation. I am trying to make two changes that have me stumped. One, I want to display the slide before the start time. This way, if the slide has changed before the speakers starts, it is not cut out and can be adjusted to start with the presentation. Two, I want to adjust the times to display the slide times related to the presentation time - so if the presentation starts in the project at 5:00 and slide two is at 6:15, it is displayed on this page as starting at 1:15. This will allow the user to set the first slide to start at 00:00 (which would be 5:00 in the project). I am not a skilled Filemaker user so any help would be apprectiated.