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    Keeping existing found set if no records found


      I would like to mimic the behaviour of the Cancel button when performing a manual find in a scripted find, where if no records are found I am returnd to my exsisting found set.


      If I perform a manual find on a table and nothing is found I get the following messasge.

      "No records match this set of find requests."

      Im then given the option to Cancel or Modify Find

      If I click Cancel Im returned to my previous found set. This is the desired behaviour I would like to mimic in a script.


      If I perform a scripted find with Set Error Capture [On] and nothing is found I display following Custom Dialog

      "Nothing has been found. Please try again"

      I then just display an OK button which triggers the Exit Scrip command.


      This returns me to my Layout with 0 Records being displayed. (which is not what I want).

      What command if any should I use to match that of the manual find Cancel button? I have tried various and commands such as Exit Script etc without sucsess. I have also tried find scripts without Error Capture but these introduce an additinal Continue button in "No records match this set of find requests." dialog which can confuse busy users.


      I hoping Im missing basic gap in my knowledge here and the answer is a simple rather that having to build a convoluted workaround.