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    FM Go - FTS Meetings - invalid version




      I have downloaded and entered data into the FTS Meetings DB. I then, using email transferred the DB to

      my iPad. When I open the DB on the iPad, I get the error: FM version check: your current version

      Go_iPad 1.2.4 is not supported by this file."


      I checked the Info in Filemaker > FTS Meetings and it indicated that it was a 'sample solution v. 3.0"


      Please advise and thanks,


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          I would start by checking the opening script.  I think the FTS Meetings files is quite old & probably predates FM Go.  My guess is that there is something in the opening script checking for a minimum version of FileMaker Pro.  GetAsNumber ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ) will return 1.24 when running on FM Go v1.2.4 & the opening script could be looking for a minimum of 9 or 10 for instance if the file uses FM9 or FM10 features.  You'd need to change the test to look at the text in Get ( ApplicationVersion ) or add the Get ( SystemPlatform ) test into the calc.  Or it could be that the test is deliberately set to exclude FM Go use as it uses features not supported by FM Go.


          Hope that helps


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            Thanks for your response.

            I think I placed the request in the wrong forum.


            This is my first time in a very long time, working with FM.

            The information you supplied---I have no idea as to where

            to begin or look.


            This  would be the opening "script" from desktop version:





            Where from here?


            Thanks again,


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              Stephen Huston

              Hi Hugh,


              When it's open in FM Pro or Adnvaced, under the File menu, select File Options...


              There find the opening script name.


              Go to the Manage Scripts menu item under either File > Manage...

              or the Scripts Menu and find the script set to run at opening.


              You will find a test/IF step somewhere which tests the version number. Modify the calculation to also prove true if the Appplication name contains "GO" (probabaly by adding an OR test to the calc.


              That should allow you to reload the file into iOS and let it run.


              Stephen Huston

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                Thanks for helping. I am not familiar with FM, I am pretty much new.

                Here is what I get when opening 'manage scriipts'(see attachment).


                Where do I edit the code ?


                Thanks again,