[ANN] 24U FM Bench Updated, New License Option

Discussion created by HOnza on Feb 17, 2012

Prague, CZ -- 24U Software announces an update of 24U FM Bench for FileMaker Pro 11, together with a new website and an addition of the per-seat license option.


24U FM Bench has been updated to version 1.0.1 to address initial difficulties with registering the product. Updating to version 1.0.1 is highly recommended to all customers.


The new FM Bench website at http://FMBench.com focuses on helping FM Bench customers with their optimizations. The How-To Guides section provides a list of videos explaining how to efficiently optimize FileMaker solutions.


By popular demand from independent developers, a new per-seat license option has been introduced shortly after the release of FM Bench. Although the bottleneck identification feature of FM Bench may not give correct results when analyzing only test data set, the new per-seat license lets independent developers buy 24U FM Bench for an affordable price and use it for initial analysis and optimization of their solutions before recommending live deployment and regular use of the tool to their clients.



24U FM Bench changes the optimization tactics from try-fail to systematic bottleneck elimination


Matthew Greger of The Business Helper commented on his purchase of the FM Bench license: "I look forward to working with your product. Optimizing is an art and you created a tool that should really help. We all take shortcuts at time in order to get coding done and sometimes this can be one of the main causes for bogging down a solution. I look forward to your product helping me find those areas that need tuning."



24U FM Bench pricing:


  • US$ 1,177 per server (covers 1 FileMaker Server, unlimited users, 1 year maintenance)
  • US$ 197 per seat (covers 1 FileMaker Server, 1 user, 1 year maintenance)


Volume discounts for 2+ per-server licenses or 5+ per-seat licenses



More info: http://FMBench.com



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