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    Installing FMS 9 on OSX 10.6.8


      Greetings to all.

      Here my problem. My Mac mini OSX Server 10.4 hosting FMS 9 crashed few month ago. I bought a new one with OSX Server 10.6.8, and I installed directly the FMS 11 Upgrade I had on hands (without installing FMS9 first)

      Everything but IWP works, and it seems I have to reinstall from scratch , 1st the FMS9 and after The FMS11 to make IWP works

      Howevever I know that VFMS9 wont work on OSX10.6.

      What should I do to make this work.


      Best Regards to all.



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          How does IWP not work, and why do you think you have to install 9 first?

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            FMS 9 was Full Retail version, FMS 11 is the upgrage version.

            Since the FMS 11 is an upgrade, and I installed it on a new Macmini, I think its a licence issue.

            When I go to Licence Key, it says "shipping", and IWP server wont start, it is not "clikable".

            The FMS 9 on the osx10.4 macmini worked fine.

            Concequently I think I must install the "FMS9" first, and after the "FMS11upgrade". But on OSX10.6.8, how can I install

            FMS9 ?


            Best Regards



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              Do you have web services turned on the server? It sounds like they aren't turned on. What page do you get when you try to open the URL on your server?

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                High Techt,


                I am so stupid. FMS don't have IWP. Only FMS Advance has it.

                That is why I can't turn web servvices IWP on.


                By the way I still would like to know how to install FMS 9 on Mac OSX 10.6.8.

                Any Idea?


                Thanks Again



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                  Hi Bruno,

                  In my experience of installing a FileMaker Server upgrade, you don't need to have the previous version installed as you do for FM client. As far as I remember, you actually need to uninstall the previous FM Server installation before installing the new one. The one thing an upgrade licence copy may do is ask you for the licence code from the old version after you enter the upgrade licence code, but I don't even remember that happening.

                  The bottom line: don't bother with installing FMS9 - just install FMS11 straight on to the machine.



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                    Dear Rob,


                    Thanks a lot.

                    I did exactly as you said and it works fine.


                    Thanks again for your support.