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Advisability of Using Table View Instead of List View

Question asked by jmci on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by bnsonger47

A client has asked me to design a custom CRM system for his company to replace a legacy system. This client has some familiarity with FileMaker Pro. In initial discussions he is hot on the idea of using table view instead of list view layouts. I've been a contract developer using FileMaker for many years and have never employed table view in a project I've delivered to another company. I know that table view has evolved somewhat recently and I'm interested in hearing the community's opinion of the advisability of using table view instead of list view and the reasons pro and con. If it's as bad an idea as I believe it to be I want to be able to present a compelling argument, if not, I need to be convinced by professionals.