I need some major help asap! About a 3rd party script editor AND defining global var for ip address.

Discussion created by cdurham on Feb 17, 2012
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Hello All,


I am fairly new to FileMaker and I am in desparate need of help. My supervisor is having to change ip addresses for scripts manually. He has to change about 40 or 50 of these ip addresses by going into each script and changing them. I have attached a picture of what he is having to do. He has assigned me the task of asking is it possible to create a global variable and populate all of these ip adresses with the global ip address. I am working on a major project involving FileMaker myself. I talked to Tech Support at FileMaker and he suggested that I asks questions at a forum or blog about this before spending money on technical help. I need an actual written code that will create a global variable that will assign an IP address to change all of these ip addresses to another ip address that we are planning to use. I have attached a picture for anyone who is needing additional info.


Problem number 2: I need to know what 3rd Party editor works with FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.2 (this is the version of FileMaker we are using at our company). My supervisor is needing to do a find and replace within each individual script itself. I would also need to know if this 3rd party editor would allow you to copy and paste code as well. The tech support guy said that there are 3rd party editors out there, but he does not know which ones are available. My supervisor said he would be more than glad to pay for a 3rd Party Script editor. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated. I will be constantly checking for any answers today.