PDF attachments growing out of control

Discussion created by techt on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I have a medical practice client that has ramped up converting their paper files to online PDFs in FMP 11. Problem is, they haven't performed any compression on the PDFs, and the FMP database file size is heading to 10GB. Their patient file is separate from the PDF attachment file, so fortunately we don't have to back up everything every time. Current backups are taking 18 minutes for 9.7 GB.


I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a tool, script, or other application that could, en masse, resave each PDF at a lower resolution and file size.


We've also noticed as the file size increases that the clients tend to lose connection more frequently. It appears we've solved the local network issue, but the solution is hosted for remote sites and they drop fairly regularly now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,