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Need help with Relationships with other database files

Question asked by james_callery on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2012 by Claw'd

Hey everyone,


I currently have 7 different databases that contain information about hockey players. We run tournaments and I'm trying to get a hang of using FileMaker to do most of the work that we've done by hand for over 10 years now.


The 7 different databases ALL have the following fields:

  • ACC (short for accepted)
  • Event (hopefully I can use this later to create subsummary reports)
  • Year
  • Position
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • School/Team
  • Address
  • City
  • ST
  • ZIP
  • Phone
  • DOB
  • Cost
  • Deposit
  • Balance
  • Email
  • Application Received (yes or no)


My problem is that each of these databases were previously used by whomever created them mainly for mailing labels. We'd get names of about 300 kids and enter them into the database. Afterwards, we'd send to the kids, and we'd only get about 5% to respond by sending in an application. Afterwards, we update the previous record of the player with more accurate information (exact mailing address, DOB, the deposit they paid, etc...). I also mark under the application received field that we've received the application (go figure!). Herein lies my issue. Our boss is computer illiterate like you wouldn't believe, and he wants an updated report every other day with the exact numbers for each camp, how many at each position (forwards, defense, and goalies), as well as the total revenues from each different Event.


I'd like to have the tournament summary database to display all the records that have Application Received with a YES value, and for the Tournament Summary to then sort the records based on Event name, to show us a summary for each event all in one location. Basically, it'd be a master report of all our tournaments. Now I know that the easiest way to achieve this is to just create ONE! database with 7 different tables for each event, but since the records are already there and everyone in our office is comfortable working with the separate database files, I'd like to keep it that way.


In the Tournament Summary database, how can I grab all the records from the 7 different database files that have the Application Received value of YES? I would like these records to update automatically (I think dynamically is the word?), meaning if I go to Database 2 for Event 2, and mark John Doe that we received his application, I'd want all his information to be added to the Tournament Summary database without me having to import the record.


If ANYONE can help me with this extremely difficult (or so it seems) task, I'd be extremely greatful. I appreciate everyone's response/help in advance! Thanks guys.