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    Block autoreply mails




      in the new German forum, there is a member who sends an autoreply to each and every posting.


      Has this ever happened before in this place, and does anybody have a clue how to stop this?





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          I don't see it specifically mentioned in the "Rules of the Road"


          But it is really annoying having out-of-office and other auto responses and it is almost spam ... in that it is unwanted and there is no unsubscribe...


          People have controls to manage their email preferences and should be required to turn off email notifications if they are going to auto-respond to email with the email account registered with TechNet.


          I have not noticed them at all using the web interface...


          - Lyndsay

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            We don't need to "unsubscribe", but you can turn off your own email notifications. If you don't receive the posts, you won't be sending out those annoying vacation responses. Most annoying is that anyone else *gets* to take a vacation... LOL!

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              Thanks, Beverly and Lyndsay for your answers.


              The guy has returned and stopped the autoreply mails. He reports, that he has about 1.500 Spam mails in his account ... LOL. So in a way, Beverly, he may not have had the vacation of his life