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    Button Colors on the iPhone


      The "Go" section of this forum doesn't seem to be getting much action.


      Does anyone know of a way to have the button change color when you put your finger on it (Example: Mail on the iPhone when you touch the account it lights up blue) Even buttons on this page here have a 'Mouse Over" effect


      Any thoughts are always appreciated!




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          There is a simple button changing technique file on FMForums (two different solutions).


          Here is the link:


          [submitted by ChindoguMaker]


          Since clicking the button changes its state, then it should work for touching the button in GO.


          Since you can't "hover" over an object to change it on a touch screen, maybe you could figure out a way to use ScritpTriggers to simulate touching the object vs. selecting it.


          Post your solution if you figure it out.



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            Thanks for taking your time to look at this Irene.



            The example given is a change on click, since my click takes me to a new layout that does not solve my situation.  I want a change on hover (ie you hover your mouse over the object and the color changes).


            There is an example on this page. Hover your mouse over 'Like' or 'Reply' and the word becomes underlined.  A very common technique that does not seem to be available in Filemaker.



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              You could use a web viewer with HTML buttons and some CSS to get the hover effects but then you'll have to find a way to communicate the button click back to FileMaker. With a plugin or even PHP you could do it; others here may have another suggestion for you.


              BTW, i think your first pot was a bit confusing to Irene because you asked about button highlighting when  clicked/tapped, when you were really asking about hover effects.

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                I would recommend making sure your profile allows your  email address to be visible to “everyone”. That way someone could, if he or she was so inclined, send you a message directly to that email address.


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                  It use to be but your are right it no longer is, I just updated my profile, thanks for that tip!


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                    Hey Tom,


                    The reason you can't get a mouse hover type effect isn't a limitation of filemaker go, it's a intentional omission of the iOS platform in general. It's part of apple's Human Interface Guidelines section on Direct Manipulation.


                    Basically, the iOS is built with the intension of users interacting directly with objects on the screen instead of indirectly through an intermediary device like a cursor.


                    It makes the user feel as if they're controlling the app itself. It's kind of like the difference between dialing a phone with your bare finger as opposed to using a stick to push the buttons.


                    Because they use the idea of direct manipulation, the user is never interacting with an object on the screen until they're actually touching it or using a gesture (like swiping, dragging, zooming, etc) so you'll never have a state like hover. The only way you could really get a true native iOS analogue to mouse hover (whether it be in Go or a native app) would be to have the first tap of an object perform the hover action and the second tap perform the clicking action, which of course would be ridiculous.


                    Here's the link for apple's HIG: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#DOCUMENTATION/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG/Introduction/Introduction.html


                    You have to create a developer login to get to it.  I think any filemaker developer who's planning on creating layouts specifically for the iOS would benifit from reading through the guidelines. There's a lot of it that deals with the creation of native iOS apps, but I'd say half of the article can be translated into FMGo development.

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                      chris.schmitz wrote:


                      The only way you could really get a true native iOS analogue to mouse hover (whether it be in Go or a native app) would be to have the first tap of an object perform the hover action and the second tap perform the clicking action, which of course would be ridiculous.


                      I disagree with the assertion that this would be ridiculous. A two-step interaction is common in iOS apps for actions that are worth confirming before execution. For example, there's a common UI design pattern in list views where the user swipes left on an item to reveal a "Delete" button, then tapping the "Delete" button comfirms the intention to delete. The FileMaker equivalent might be a button where tapping it the first time only sets a variable which triggers a conditional formatting change, like switching a "Delete" button from "inactive" to "active" formatting, the second tap "confirms" and actually executes the action, then the script connected to that button is configured to not prompt the user to confirm, since that was already handled by the double-tap.

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                        Actually, the two step process you describe still fit's in to what I was pointing out. The process I was describing was to point out the difference between direct and indirect interaction and why that negates a mouse hover type action. In your scenario, you're still interacting directly with the objects, it just so happens that the intension of your interaction requires multiple inputs.

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                          I am sure I am not doing a good job of describing what I am looking to recreate. 


                          The behavior I want is in almost every app I have on my iPhone. Example: Touch and hold your finger on a contact and the background turns blue, Slide/lift your finger and the blue turns back to white. (I tried to take a camera shot but the act of taking a photo turns it back to white.)


                          I have multiple other apps that do this (everyone has contacts so I am using that as a reference). It is similar to a mouse over effect but I am sure it is called a different name.


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                            Ah, ok. I thought you were talking about a rollover or mouse over type action.


                            I don't know of a way of controling a button color on activation in filemaker go off the top of my head. I'll think on it.

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                              there is no way to do this.

                              what u r referring to is the button event listener type.

                              in most mobile development environments, u can create an event listener to trigger on MouseDown, MouseUp, MouseRelease.  The behavior u r after is OnMouseUp.  u want to be able to push the button

                              and not trigger the event, then as ur finger comes up (and then off) the event fires.

                              MouseUp is a very common button use unless u r programming something like a drumPad where u want super snappy response time and no latency or lag.  Filemaker's buttons are one size fits all.

                              u could create a webviewer and go crazy with ur buttons but ur r taking on a slew of other things to do it right now.  hold out for filemaker 12 to go there.

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                                one additional - MouseUp events dont fire when u push down and slide ur finger off the button without ever lifting up.  if there is a blue highlight when u push it, that is the event attached to MouseDown.  if u think about buttons in a three stage process like this (the fourth - onHover- doesnt exist on a touch device), u will start seeing the distinct processes most iOs buttons go thru in ur different apps.

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                                  I suspect you are correct that the current version of FM Go (and FM 11) do not support this.  I was hoping there might be a creative work around, but otherwise I will keep my fingers crossed for the next version