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IWP , Home vs Author Page

Question asked by fiddy on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by beverly

I have a client that inventories hundreds pieces of equipment. My client wanted me to develop a method where the potential customer would be able to go to a list to quickly find if a specific piece is available without having to look though the entire lot of pictures. I originally thought of developing a database using IWP to catalog the equipment and show the pictures. This would generate a database that had hundreds of pages. My conclusion was it would be huge and slow to access as I am only using a Mac mini server to store the data. Instead I designed a web site using Apple I web where I used the photo page to display the equipment while also having the ability to do a slide show. To shorten the search time I designed a database with filemaker 11 housed in my Mac mini server using IWP. The client goes to the web site that explains they can view a data base where they can quickly find of specific equipment is available with out viewing all of the pictures. Using a link on the web site they go to the data base after finding the equipment another link on the data base will take them back to the web site to view the selected equipment saving time and effort. The problem the link takes them to the Filemaker home page where they need to link to the entry page as a guest. The feedback is this it too confusing and is not seamless. Question is how do I get directly to the author page without first going to the home page. I tried using the address of the author page, sometimes it goes there, some times it still goes to the home page.