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Need advice on the proper method to create specific comparison report.

Question asked by brettJames_ on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by IreneVassos

The FileMaker application I am about to develop involves a lot of complex price comparison reporting.


I am going to have multiple vendors price the same material list.

I am going to need to show my user a report that lists all of the materials that were priced on the left as rows.


each Vendor (variable not fixed) who priced each material for the specific project listed horizontally up top as columns. When the report runs all vendors prices for each piece of material will be listed side by side to be compared.


This is something the user achieves very easily in Excel. Possibly because they use a fixed Vendors as their column headers. (The Vendors they use are fixed. If they have a new Vendor for a project they just replace the name of one of the Vendors that they are not using).

Then for all of the vendors who bid the project they plug a price in for each material.


Attached is a small Example Spreadsheet of what their current "Vendor Price Comparison" spreadsheet looks like.

From the knowledge I obtained from reading FileMaker Training Series it seems like the only way to display a report like this is using the Web Viewer and HTML tables.

I am wondering if this is true or if anyone can give me any advice on different ways/methods to display the same results in a FileMaker application if it isn't (Fields, portals, etc.)

It would be greatly appreciated.