Dropdown list doesn't show all entries from linked table depending on sorting

Discussion created by justinfleming on Feb 21, 2012
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I have the following set up -


Customers [table]

Customers::CustomerID (auto serial)


Orders [table]

Orders::CustomerID (linked to Customers::CustomerID)



A new customer is created, then a new order, and the new order is then assigned to a customer using a dropdown list. The dropdown list in ORDERS shows the values from Customers::CustomerID.


The first field in the dropdown is Customers::CustomersID

It also shows a second field - Customers::Surname


There are 3 customers who have the same surname, but obviously have different CustomerID's since this is the field that matters, the surname is purely cosmetic.


If the dropdown is told to sort by the first field (Customers::CustomerID) then all 3 customer names show in the list along with their unique IDs.

If the dropdown is told to sort by the second field (Customers::Surname) then only 1 of the customers with the same name shows in the list.


I'm totally at a loss as to why this is happening or how.

I can change the sorting backwards and forwards and it does the same thing consistantly.


Any help appreciated.


I'm using FM Pro Advanced 11 on PC and Mac.