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    Regarding Web services.


      How to get JNO(Java Native Object) web services content into my filemaker database?.

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          Research the IMPORT script step. The types of DOCUMENTS can be read by Filemaker are described.


          Research web publishing (custom web publishing using xml/php or xDBC). You can often accomplish what you can with other databases using a web interface.


          Research plugins designed specifically for use with Filemaker and web services.



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            also - experiment with creating a webviewer, naming it, then using set webviewer with option 'goto url'.

            this is a gofriendly , noPlug in method for making GET calls to a webservice.

            Then, experiment with GetLayoutObjectAttribute , object type "content" as the means to pulling ur responses from the webservice back into filemaker.


            good luck - lots of fun to be had sneaking out of filemaker thru the webviewer.