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cannot modify database or layout

Question asked by luistavera on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by luistavera

Hi all,


I recently started experiencing some strange behavior when working with a database hosted in a FMS advanced 11 running on windows server 2008. Last week, changes that I made to a layout were not preserved when saving, and today, when trying to modify a relationship I get the error "user X is modifying the database", but user X does not have privileges to do any changes to the database, and I cannot do any changes. Same for other users with privileges to do db modifications. When I had the issue with the layout I restarted the database and things went back to normal, but I'd like to avoid doing this because it affects a good number of users.


I know this is vague, but if anybody can point me in a direction that can help troubleshoot the problem I'd greatly appreciate it.




Luis T.