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Creating lists and calculations in a layout?

Question asked by davemac2610 on Feb 21, 2012
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Hello all

I'm a newbie so please accept my appologies if I am in the wrong place!

I am setting up a JobSheet database, that will record clients, projects and give each record an indexed identifiable Job Number.

This bit was easy.

The second bit is proving to be more difficult.

As part of the layout I have created another tab section called "COSTS"

In this section I want to list all the costs associated with that particular job record

The things I want to list are...

"Item" the "Cost of Item"

This will be entered as a list, (there could be up to 20 enteries on one job).

I would then like an automatic calculation of all of the costs.

Have been looking at relationship databases and portals... but now am really confused

Any pointers?

Any assistance much appreciated.

Kind regards,