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encoding problem with apostrophes

Question asked by LyndsayHowarth on Feb 21, 2012
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Hi All,


I have an encoding problem with apostrophes using the PHP API to fetch a valuelist.


The resulting valuelist contains some hospital names and some of those have apostrophes.


Here is an extract of the raw results using print_r:


=> Royal Melbourne Hospital [13] => Royal WomenRoyal Women’s Hospital [14] => St VincentSt Vincent’s Private Hospital [15] =>


The problem is that where the value contains an apostrophe is being chopped short at that point and then the entire value is repeated in a single value. If I use htmlspecialchars() on the resulting valuelist, the valuelist is empty.


I have tried currly quotes () and foot marks (')... in the original field data...


The apostraphe must be maintained or reinstated for data entry..


... not sure what else to try... any ideas?




- Lyndsay



Lyndsay Howarth (B. Ed)

11th Hour Group Pty Ltd