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    IWP Delay that affects FMP Clients



      FileMaker 11 Server Advanced running on OS 10.6.x Server

      Mixed IWP and FMP clients



      IWP user enters in data via IE (via WAN) and everything works fine. She logs out from IWP, heads back to the office, logs in via FMP (via LAN) and the data she entered isn't showing up. Then a little while later, the data is there.


      I'm suspecting a cache issue but noted in the tech articles that that was specific to OS 10.4 deployments.


      Any suggestions on why the lag would be there between an IWP session and a FMP session and, more importantly, how to resolve it?



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          Is there any kind of Commit Record step prior to her logging out of IWP? If she looks for the data immediately upon loggin in on the LAN (Find), does the record appear? More to the point, is there some cache or default record set on the LAN that she's seeing first, then the other record becomes available after a refresh?


          If she logs out of IWP, and then back in, is the record available then?


          I've two fairly regularly used IWP/FMP solutions, and haven't seen anything like this.



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            Thanks for your reply, Tim.


            There is a commit record step and the data is definitely there as she uses it to create a letter while she is logged in via IWP. That process also commits the record in question since it then pulls from it to use in another table.


            When she logs in via the LAN, she sees a list of daily meetings (records created usually well in advance), clicks on the one she modified via IWP and can get to the record but the fields with her notes are empty. She can leave the record (go to a different meeting) and come back to it and the fields are still empty. This can also be replicated from another workstation on the LAN.


            When she went back about 30 minutes later, the data was in the field. This is a solution that gets used frequently in this configuration and I've seen this happen about three times (over the span of a couple of years).


            I haven't had her log back in via IWP but will try that next.


            I'd love to resolve this mystery.

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              Nice mystery, and a bit spooky to boot.


              Are there multiple files involved in your configuration? Is it an older conversion from pre-FMP7 that may have some scheduled activity that isn't firing fast enough? Maybe some update that either isn't triggered if she moves from IWP to FMP quickly enough? If she normally waits longer than 30 minutes to log into FMP, and the records are there most of the time, sounds like maybe a script isn't finished or hasn't run yet.


              I'm going to guess that in these few instances that she's noticed the problem, that it's some kind of timing issue, since the data normally does show up, but maybe not as quickly in some instances. Is any data being moved between tables for this? I'm wondering if the IWP data is being held temporarily in a table and them moved over to the "main" table for security reasons, or perhaps there is some conditional check that has to occur before the record is moved.


              If you sit with her at her computer, log into IWP from her browser and update a record, then immediately on the same machine, log into the solution with FMP, does the record show up? And if not, how long before that record does appear?


              One option is to have her use an iPad with FMGo and have connect directly to the FMP db instead of using IWP, but that might not be feasible.


              Good luck, and let me know what you find,


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                Stephen Huston

                The delay you are describing sounds like it could be caused if the Web Session isn't actually disconnecting from the FM Server fully, but is waiting to write to served files until FM Server auto-disconnects the web session when it times out after an hour, or whatever shorter time is set in the server admin panels.


                Be sure the user is actually loging out or their FM Web Session, not just closing the browser window.


                I, too, would love to here what's discovered on this one. Please keep us posted.

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                  Thanks, Tim and Stephen. There is a log-out button; now the question is Is the client using it? I'll be going onsite soon to see if we can recreate the issue and will post my findings here.