Creating a Summary Layout

Discussion created by MattLeach on Feb 21, 2012
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I've been asked to create a layout that is an overall summary of certain information in the database.


I have 2 tables which include the data that needs to be summarized:




These tables are related.


The summary layout needs to include things such as:


Count of Transactions

Count of Transactions in past two weeks

Sum of transactions for 2011, 2012

Sum of sales by property type (sale price in transaction, property type in properties)

and various others


Would i be safe in assuming that the layout would needs it's own summary table, somehow related to the other two tables and then use filtered portals to display information such as 2011 transactions, 2012 transactions, etc...


Or would i be better served created the layout based on the transactions table using summary fields?


Kind of new to this type of layout, just want to make sure i do it the appropriate way to avoid issues down the road.