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    Call Back & Launch Another App Feature


      FM Go Group dosent seem to be getting much action so I am reposting here....


      I am try to launch a scanner (I have tried CNS, and it does not work for my needs, tried Pic2shop Pro, again does not work). There is an another app (Auotniq) scanner that works great, but they provide no documentation on a launch or call back feature.


      Is there a way to call another app from FM Go or does that app have to allow that? Same question on callback, is that something the called app has to have built in or can Filemaker capture the results and return it. The app presently puts the information I want on the clipboard, so if I manually launch the app then relaunch FM Go, I can run a 'paste' script to get the data I want.


      Any thoughts are appreciated.


      Tom Droz

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          What are you trying to scan with FMGo? I'm wondering if there isn't another way to approach this problem?



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            Jumped the gun. I meant to suggest that using the camera on the iOS device would capture directly in FMGo to a container field. Would that work?



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              Thanks TT for looking at this

              I need a scanner that reads a code39 and returns the text from the code, the app i am trying to launch and callback from is a free app called autoniq

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                Hmm. Well, you're right. The app you're calling needs to support the exchange of information. Autoniq looks like a closed system specifically for looking up VINs. Does Autoniq present the information you're looking for? A little cludgy, but maybe just use the iOS copy and paste to get the data into FMGo from Autoniq. There may not be much option other than that for VINs.


                If it's just Code39 scans you're trying to process into text, have you contacted CNS directly with the shortcomings you've experienced? I've visited with them in the past and I think you would find them receptive.


                Another alternative would be to become an iOS developer yourself and build the code you need. I've seen people kick out some very cool things in short order, so maybe that's not outside the realm of possibilities. You could look to hire someone for the build, have the converted text dropped into the iOS clipboard, then select paste from FMGo.





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                  All good thoughts, I can do the copy paste but dont like it as a solution.  I have communicated with CNS and so far no result.


                  Building it would be my last option.