Expectations for FileMaker 12

Discussion created by intex on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by Vaughan

Since FileMaker 12 is taking a lot of time to come, expectations of what it will achieve, rise. These are my expections or hopes:


FM Advanced is getting really "advanced":


- building runtime applications for the MacAppStore with one click

- building runtime applications for the iOS Appstore - new iOS runtime based on Filemaker GO

- fully customizable symbolsets like menu sets

- runtimes include certificates and sandboxing



FM Express

- the completely new entry level version of FileMaker

- 99.- Dollars

- sold via the AppStore for Mac

- network enabled

- feature set like FileMaker GO



FileMaker PRO 12

New Features include:


- support for iCloud

- support for fullscreen-mode in Lion

- new HTML 5 based layouts as an addition to the existing layouts

- stylesheets for layouts, sub-forms, modern input gadgets like sliders, clocks etc., hover effects

- dialogue editor

- modernized scripting (text editable as an option, all commands capable of variable handling, all commands capable of parameter handling, script steps for missing commands)

- conditional formatting extended to conditional appearance of objects

- new import/export features for email (Mail on Mac, Life Mail on Windows, vcard, vcal, Numbers incl. synchronization of mails, addresses and calendars - much like in Bento, but crossplatform)