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Auto Populating Value Lists

Question asked by mrosenhek on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

I'm experiencing a weird thing on my Mac running Lion 10.7.3


The last value in self populating value lists WILL NOT SHOW. It's bizarre. The same DB on my client's PCs shows the complete value lists. I guess I have never checked before but low and behold it is true. SO, my client is not having an issue, but I am!


The fields in question (all globals) are all set to be members of value lists. If you click the fields they show all but the last value, HOWEVER, you can paste the values (that are missing from the lists), into the fields and the fields will accept those values. I use this to work as portal filters.


My thought is this is a Lion issue with FM11. Is this a known issue?


If you look at the screen shot I took, you can clearly see that there are records for "REHABILITATION AND RECOVERY", yet only the othe 3 Portfolio Descriptions values are visible. As I mentioned already, this is happeing in all autopopulated VLs.