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    Mobile printing


      I'm searching for a mobile printing solution. I have got an iPad with a filemaker database. This solution should be installed in car. The ipad is used for Data entry, but i cannot find the right printer - for DIN A4 prints. Many printers work with AirPrint or eprint. I don't want this, because i need a wlan connection. recently i've seen a portable battery-powered POS printer with bluetooth for iOS. A further requirement is that the printer should work with a battery.

      A normal battery USB printer would also work, but as far as i know the ipad can't print via USB.


      Does anyone know a mobile printer for this purpose?

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          There is an app off the apple store called print direct £6.99.  You can get the lite copy to make sure it's compatible with your printer. Then you need a wifi enabled printer. In the settings of print direct type in the ip address of the printer into the required field. Then test untill works but you would need to buy the full version to print properly. Don't forget you will need a 12v power inverter to run a mains printer from a car.

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            the main problem is that mobile printers from hp or canon, which are battery powered do not support wifi. we already have printers with an inverter. if the car has aditional devices which need power from the car battery and are used simultaneously, printing stopps.


            it is planned to buy new printers. Which one depends on the ability to print mobile.


            i can only find the app from eurosmartz, which is for free - no lite version.


            thanks for your ideas.


            does anyone have experience with mobile printers from zebra and the sdk (software development kit). do i need special skills to setup a printing solution for a zebra printer using the ipad?


            thanks in advance!