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How do I compare and data-mine the changes between two similar and read only tables to build a history?

Question asked by inov8pro on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by inov8pro

Currently using FileMaker Pro 11

Windows 7


I want to compare two tables. Both tables have the same fields and the data will be read only. No new data will be entered into these tables. However, the newest table may have more or less records than the first and changes may have occured in individual fields in those records. Essentially, I want to build a history of the changes over time. Example:


  1. "Table 01" has a list of say Products
  2. "Table 02" has the same list as "Table 01" but with updates/changes
  3. I want to data-mine for the changes and place those changes in a seperate table or "Results Table 01"
  4. Eventually a new table, "Table 03", will be compared to "Table 02" creating a "Results Table 02" and so on buiding a history over time.


I plan to do the same calculation fields in both "Table 01" and "Table 02" etc. For instance I will find the Get (TotalRecodCount) in "Table 01" and "Table 02" and then in the linked "Results Table 01" I will calculate the change in number of records that would result in a number describing either fewer or more records.


Am I on the right track?