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Relationship not working

Question asked by dont on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by dont

I'm developing a project management/reporting system for a client. I want to report various acitivies at a 'project' level, and also at a 'program' (ie several projects under one program) level. I have a series of tables relating to a 'project' report, and want to also relate these at the 'program report' level.


However, I can't get the program-level relationships to work, despite setting up almost identical relationships, but using the 'Program ID' as the primary key. I've done this many times before and even within the same database solution have set up the same set of relationships at a 'lower' level in the hierarchy, and they're working fine. But I've tried all I can think of and just can't get this higher level reporting to work!


I'm starting to suspect there's an issue somewhere 'deeper' in Filemaker!


Has anyone had a similar experience - and do you know of a solution?.