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    tracking and controlling devices

      Hello all,


      Been along time since I've posted in here so I'll ask something. Thinking of ways of tracking devices being used to connect back to a server with FileMaker GO. Assuming network features may be disabled, I'll need to know all the nic's in advance. Has anyone else walked this path and discovered something more?



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          Am I correct in assuming that FMGo will be connecting to a FM Pro Server serving the database? If so, you could call a script on opeing the file that logs


          Get ( SystemNICAddress )

          Get ( ApplicationVersion )


          into a table before proceeding to normal business...

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            Actually, no.  In this case we are not allowed to talk to any FileMaker server, but rather thru a web service.  Any reciept to a communication will be done using a webobject and the FMP7Script method.  Get ( SystemNICAddress ) and Get ( SystemPlatform ) can be assumed here.  The problem arises that with the ability to disable network adapters a user might activate the application with one adapter ( cell ) and continue working on a different adapter ( wifi ).  So from that I might assume I need to know all nics prior to use.  I likely won't get that chance here.


            This all isn't over thinking so much as it is looking stragegies for security despite not having much to work with so that when asked I may explain what and why. It's kinda hard to bring anyone along with me here.  In the absense of a reliable device fingerprint, I can compare against known record data stored on that device.  I could provide desposable apps that self-destruct after a time.  The client could put a real FileMaker server on the DMZ and, upon [each] connection, I could imprint an application with a unique username only the server would know which upon volation diables every known fingerprint related to that device.


            na, I'm done for now.