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Lookups, Drop downs vs Queries

Question asked by leroalemli on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by leroalemli

Hi Iam new to data base design, I have created a database in Access 2010.

Due to the publishing constraints of Access I am evaluating File Manager Pro 11.


I am having trouble with relationships and lookups that I was able to do in Access.


I have an asset table of equipment which have three identifying codes, Barcode, Serial Number, CO Number.

When inputting one of these codes in a drop down list I would like the remaining codes filled in.

The available code may differ from each entry. ie if the barcode is missing off the equipment the serial number would only be known.


I also have a table which requires several different names of people.

I have created a contact table which has, First Name , Surname.

When I use the drop down of the First Name I only want the Surnames which match to be available in the Surname drop down list.

At the moment the lookup places the first occurence in the Surname but when I use the drop down all Surnames are there.


Any help in these areas would be appreciated.


Thanks Leighton.