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    Embeded Fonts in File


      Does anybody know how could I install fonts (barcode) inside the file, so 1. They will show in run time and 2. If I place the file on the server anybody who opens it and doesn't have particular fonts would be able to see them?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I think you'll find that's not easily done (or possible). Your best bet is probably to put the font files into a container field and provide instructions on how to download and install it. Far from optimal, but I think that may be your best option. You could use an installer utility to do this as well - depending on your audience installing fonts may not be possible as the machine may be locked down.  Also make sure you can legally distribute the font with your database.


          If you found a way to have FileMaker install the font you'd  need to quit and restart FileMaker in order to recognize it. That would require using VBScript or AppleScript. VB or AS might be able to do the font install as well.

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            An "installer" could install fonts but would require admin privileges. Think something like ms office...

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              You could use a solution that doesnt use a font for the barcode but something like iText or Barbecue or Zing all with Scriptmaster

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                Hmmm.. perhaps in a web-viewer, using a web font?



                OTOH, if using web viewer, you could just use one of the online barcode generators...


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                  That is a neat idea. I though about that last week (since I sell barcode scanner for FileMaker) and I also use a web font.


                  We might have to ponder that.


                  Otherwise there is no way to embed a font in a FileMaker file. But there are lots of free barcode fonts out there.


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                    As long as the user has privileges, it looks like you could simply 'Export File Contents' to the c:/windows/fonts folder. I have used this method to pull plug-ins. In the case of the plug-in the script require the file to close and relaunch.


                    You would have to call your paths and have multiple fields or records for Mac and Windows resources. the web approach sounds like the best option if FileMaker Go is in your future.