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    Building a Full Email Client with FileMaker



      I need to build a ful lemail client with send a receive and multiple folders etc. Want to use the 360Works Email plugin since the client owns the full library. Client is on windows. I am willing to condier sub contracting this part of the project or licensing what someone esle has already done.

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          I’ve been building full-blown email clients into my database applications over the last 7 or 8 years, so I might be able to help. May be able to lift large parts of the code I’ve already written, but this would take some re-working, as this code does lots of extra stuff like linking emails to Contacts (automatically and manually), creating “Leads” directly from email inquiries, scanning plain text messages for embedded hyperlinks, interfacing with SuperContainer to store inbound and outbound attachments, etc.




          Though I’ve used the 360Works Email plug-in successfully, I switched to the CNS plug-ins a few years back (POP3it Pro and SMTPit Pro) for a couple of features the 360Works solution didn’t have at the time. But my code is modular enough that switching to the 360Works plug-in would not be difficult.




          Is your client looking for an IMAP or a POP style of implementation?




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