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    Look-up Question


      Hi All,

      I am quite new to this so please forgive me if this is a stupid question or confusing.


      I currently have a database that follows-up results of surgeries. I have 2 tables one that collects the operation data and then one that collects scores. These are related by common surgeryID. Each unique surgery can have about 10 scores at different intervals.


      I am trying to look up scores through the op data table, so that it can give me each final score at each interval. I have had success with the pre op interval using:


      Lookup (( Scores::MHHS: ); If ( Scores::SurgeryIDfk = SurgeryID and Scores::Interval ="Pre-Op";Scores::MHHS:))


      However if I change interval in that formula it still gives me the pre op score.


      Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

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          jessod20 wrote:

          ...However if I change interval in that formula it still gives me the pre op score.


          Hi jessod20,


          By their nature, lookups bring data across from another table once and leave if there as a static stored value. Their behavior is useful in some situations, but not when you need data to be dynamic.


          That aside, it sounds as though you have a single relationship to Scores, which is seeing the Pre-Op records first and respondibng accordingly. It might help if you were to revisit the structure and create a filter (eg a second relationship predicate, or a separate relationship) that allows you to isolate the scores by interval.





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