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    iPad as info kiosk


      Does anyone know of a use of FileMaker Go as an info kiosk in public...and outdoors. Several vendors seem to be working on tamper- and weather-proof enclosures but I can't find anything real. It seems such an obvious use that the absence of any info makes me wonder if there's some issue (or I'm looking in the wrong places).

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          I considered it. My use envisioned parents walking into the foyer of the office, and inserting a memory device into the kiosk, and updating all of their children's medical records in about a minute and then done. Patient's though really don't need the keyboard too.


          The only drawback was that I need to support writing pdf's to my patent pending PediKey® medical records storage device. I would have to have FileMaker Go connecting to my PaperCutPro® emr and then 'printing' the pdf's to the PediKey®.


          In ended up using a laptop and inexpensive wall enclosure which I custom wired. (You can see the kiosk and the PediKey® that I created in the short video tour of the office on my main web site at http://www.ronsmithmd.com)


          Ron Smith, MD