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Taking a Repeating Field and moving into a Seperate Table

Question asked by jbooms on Feb 23, 2012
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I am looking for some help. I am taking one of my original Databases and updating it. I originally put in a repeating field for the record revision history - Level, Date, and Comments - with a limit of 5 fields. (Something I have regretted for years, but when young and dumb, what do you expect). We have outgrown this, and need to add more history. I have set up the revision history as a new table and would like to move my data from the 3 seperate repeating fields and place them into the new table, with each repeating field as its own record and taking the serial number from the first table and coping that into the new table to link the data. I would then have the a portal view to show my information on the main user interface.


I am at a loss on how to get a loop command to do this copy for me. It is about 1500 records, so hand coping is out of the question. Anybody that can help me with an example would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

Jason Booms

Trelleborg Automotive