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Help populate line items so I can have an overview on my Order layout.

Question asked by zinksink on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by MarcDolley

Hi, I have been working on a database that has 3 major sections. Reporting, Customers and Orders.


I need to let my end user have a list of the previous products a customer has been ordered.

I had no problem creating this overview with a portal in the customers section, as the portal points to the Order table and all is well.



Now for clarity I need to have this same order history show up on my ordering page... This is the problem.

I realize I need to start working with line items to make this happen.




I have the following Tables: Customers, ProductTracker, and ProductLineItems


The new table, ProductLineItems, has the following fields __FKOrderID as well as __FKCustomerID


My relationships are listed for the tables below Prettty much in this order Customers-LineItems-Product



Customers:_PKCustomerID = ProductLineItems:__FKCustomerID


ProductLineItems:__FKOrderID = ProductTracker:_PKOrderID


For some reason I have also drawn a second instance of the customers table Called Customers2Products


Customers2Products:PKCustomerID = ProductTracker:_fkCustomerID - Is this instance nesscary?




How can i use the same layout (product tracker) to create an overview for my orders.


If i use these relationships assuming they are correct. I need to create a record in the Line item table, which I would like to reflect the info which is entered on the ProductTracker table. Users will be using the Track a produt layout and I dont want them to have to leave this layout. My concern is if i get creative and make scripts to brute force values into my Lineitem table im not really setting up the database right and if a user simply clicks the new record button in the ProductionTracker (or product tracker) my coded relationship will be broken and a new record wont be created in the line items.