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      Greetings All >


      I have been importing/integrating a multi-file set and have deleted what appeared to be re-dundant TO… now in one of the field definition sets the 'from' indicates 'unknown' and the 'Context' drop-down menu if locked and when the relationship is selected no fields appear.

      I remember some comment about this awhile back… is there a way to restore the basic TO?







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          Not easily... depending. I alway rename them with an X_ in front of the original name. That way you can wait until you have run a DDR and check were they are used before the final delete.


          If you still have the table instance on the Relationships chart, you can reconnect to the original table and reinstate the relationship matches. All should be ok from there.


          If the table instance is gone... you will have to rebuild everything which relied on that relationship.


          - Lyndsay