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    Sending a Date to iCal


      Hello Everybody

      Is it possible create a schedule on iCal from FMGo

      I'm trying but it seems there's no way...

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          the company SeedCode make a nice application for this - but I have not seen it otherwise. I have attached the link.



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            This is definitely an issue for me. I want to use the calendar as well as the address book if possible. Otherwise it means that contacts and schedules have to be built in to the FM database solution. ie reinventing the wheel!


            If anybody knows what plans FileMaker has to add integration with the core iOS apps please let us know

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              One way to send an event or series of events to iCal is to create a script which writes a text file in vcalendar format. The vcalendar format is reasonably simple and the file can sent to for example Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

              If you sync  iCal to your vcalendar program the transfer will be complete.


              I've tried this and it works well but isn't really what is needed to produce elegant solutions. It would be wonderful if FileMaker included a set of connectivity tools for those wishing to hook into standard application like iCal, address book. I think FileMaker will have to do this if they want FileMaker Go to go anywhere. Right now  I think FileMaker is seriously underpowered in the iDevice space.

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                test this plugin http://www.productivecomputing.com/plugins/ical-manipulator-id-115/

                their products work very well and are really completed

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                  Thank you for that piece of advice,


                  Could you explain further the vcalendar format or do you know of any white papers on creating one?

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                    Which is the whole specification. Maybe start with one of the simple example files like the one on page 49 and work up from there.


                    You just have to create a text file in the vCalendar format using the relevant data from a FM database and then send the file to be imported into a vCalendar aware application (Outlook, Google calendar etc)


                    Hope this helps

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                      Here's an applescript that you can put in your database.


                      Your solution needs the cells named in the script. (they can easily be renamed or deleted)


                      The allday-field is boolean 1 or 0 if its an allday-event or not


                      Thanks to Jonathan Stark!



                      Create Event


                      Copyright © 2005 Jonathan Stark


                      This script automates the process of creating iCal calendar events from FileMaker records.


                      You may incorporate this sample code into your program(s) without

                      restriction.  This sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the

                      responsibility for its operation is yours.  You are not permitted to

                      redistribute this sample code as "Jonathan Stark sample code" after having

                      made changes.  If you're going to redistribute the code, I would appreciate it

                      if you make it clear that the code was descended from Jonathan Stark's sample

                      code, but that you've made changes.


                      Yes - a few minor changes have been made by me, Johan Söderberg.

                      I have inserted a field for location and changed name on the descriptionfield, that´s all.


                      Visit www.jonathanstark.com for

                      more fun with FileMaker,

                      AppleScript, iCal, and more...




                      -- grab the data from Filemaker

                      tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

                          tell current record

                              set theCalendarTitle to cellValue of cell "iCal_calendar"

                              set theSummary to cellValue of cell "Summary"

                              set theDescription to cellValue of cell "description"

                              set theStartDate to cellValue of cell "DateStart"

                              set theStartTime to cellValue of cell "TimeStart"

                              set theEndDate to cellValue of cell "DateEnd"

                              set theEndTime to cellValue of cell "TimeEnd"

                              set theAllDay to cellValue of cell "all day"

                              set thelocation to cellValue of cell "Location"

                          end tell

                      end tell


                      set theStartDateAsText to theStartDate & " " & theStartTime as text

                      set theEndDateAsText to theEndDate & " " & theEndTime as text


                      -- convert text to dates

                      set theStartDate to date theStartDateAsText

                      set theEndDate to date theEndDateAsText


                      -- create the event in iCal

                      tell application "iCal"



                          -- make new calendar if need be

                          set allCalendarTitles to the title of every calendar

                          if allCalendarTitles contains theCalendarTitle then

                              set theCalendarNumber to (first calendar whose title is theCalendarTitle)


                              set theCalendarNumber to (make calendar at end of calendars with properties {title:theCalendarTitle})

                          end if


                          -- make event

                          set theEvent to make event at end of events of theCalendarNumber


                          -- set the event properties

                          tell theEvent

                              set start date to theStartDate

                              set end date to theEndDate

                              set summary to theSummary

                              set description to theDescription

                              set location to thelocation

                              if theAllDay = "1" then

                                  set allday event to true

                              end if

                          end tell

                          show theEvent

                      end tell

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                        There are all good suggestions, but look at the original posters request.


                        From Filemaker GO to iCal


                        Plugins and applescript to not work on GO.

                        Zulu is the only option.


                        Does anyone know a way to send an event from a local FileMaker GO database to iCal that dosn't involve the internet?



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                          You probably can , I have not tried it yet (too busy at the moment preparing a commercial product) , but if you have a table with one field ,each line of your event in each field for each record , you can then export records (all lines of an event file) as CSV, but give the exported file a '.ICS extension instead of the usual 'CSV'. Select the option to automatically open the file.


                          When FMGO tries to open the .ICS file , it should ask if you want to open in the Calendar app.

                          I wish I had time to try this as it has always been on my hit list.


                          BTW , if you have problems with the calendar app not opening the .ics file , try setting different character set options and see if that works.

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                            Hi PowerSlave

                            I tried your suggestion re the iCal file but it doesn't open iCal on an iPad. According to the site below it may not be possible. Weird.




                            I wish Apple/Filemaker would work to make this stuff easier. Fiulemaker developers need some native support in Filemaker for Go, for example what they have done in FMv12 for location services - simply adding a function to get the location from the mobile device. Simple and sweet but there are lots of other things that are needed asap


                            eg hooks into Apple mobile apps like iCal and Contacts so a developer doesn't have to reinvent the wheel every time a contacts or calendar is needed in a solution.


                            I maywell be missing something here! Is there a way to exchange data between FM Go and Apple apps running iOS?  If not , why not? Does anybody know the answer to this? Anybody at FM got an answer?