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    Standalone solutions


      Can someone point to where I can find information on standalone solutions?



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          Gowa, can you refine your interpretation of 'standalone'?


          Do you mean a complete solution that runs on a computer with FmPro?


          Or a bound solution with a runtime, rather than FmPro?


          Or an iPad solution the only needs FmGo?


          Or ???


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          Beverly Voth


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            Sorry if I seem vague, as you can see I'm new to this.

            I'm just trying to get some ideas for the future.

            Designing solutions that don't need FM Pro in order to use them and have no indication what program created them. (Runtime PC)


            My background is photography and I use Photoshop etc.

            I wasn't keen on learning a new piece of software but got pushed by my employer.

            The company data is in a terrible state. This made me shun the offer to organize it but here I am.

            The original data is in excel and had many users that didn't know how to use it properly. YIKES!

            However, I used the import feature and it works well, of course I will have to clean the excel files.

            So far, I'm happy with FM and now looking forward to the learning process.

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              You can create a database solution using FileMaker Pro Advanced*. This can then be "bound" to a "runtime" engine that will display the solution for someone without needing to purchase FMPro. This is sometimes called a "shrink-wrap" solution: ready to go for the user. It will INSTALL a limited version of the FileMaker engine. The user can only "play" the files bound to it, but cannot create new files (and other features are disabled, such as the files also cannot be networked - is single user only).


              • FileMaker Pro (non-Advanced) can also be used to created database(s), but you must have Advanced to create the runtime.


              To what end to you need to share your solution? How many users? local? remote?


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                Hi gowa,




                “Designing solutions that don't need FM Pro in order to use them” this can be accomplished using Filemaker Pro Advanced. What you are looking for in the documentation is a “runtime” solution. FMP advanced has an option to take the fp7 file and create a version that can be executed on a machine without the install of Filemaker. Such a “runtime” solution is single user only and unable to perform some of the functions a FileMaker pro install can, i.e. charts and of course any design or modification of the data structure.




                Hope this helps,



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                  Stephen Huston

                  It sounds like your eventual needs will include others in the office accessing this data. Runtime solutions which don't require separate copies of FMPro have a major limitation -- they don't network.


                  If you will want your data shared and live, you will eventually need to go to FileMaker Server.


                  Server offers 2 networking options:

                  • Individual copies of FileMaker on each client machine, or
                  • Web Publishing, which allows access to the FM Server via a browser interface.


                  We us a combination in our offices, so people who need only read access or very simple data-entry use their web browser interface and don't require a copy of FMPro, while those that need to do complex routines and reports get an installation of FileMaker on their computer.


                  The FM Runtime options are only good for real stand-alone data -- data which is entirely user-centric such as writing expense reports or tracking personal To-Do lists, not for data which needs to be live to multiple users. Shared live data requires FM Server and one of the networking options described above, both of which require FM Server.

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                    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question.